warehouse inventory stocktake accuracy using handheld barcode scanner with an RFID reader and recapture software pre-installed

New Handheld Barcode Scanner Software

CFI Global is excited to announce the launch of their ground-breaking new software, recaptureTM. recaptureTM is a pioneering software product set to revolutionise work processes in warehouse management, inventory control, and stocktake across Australia. Rather than rely on server-based software, recaptureTM software is installed on the handheld scanner itself. Work processes common to several industries…

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Data Capture Standards

Three types of data capture codes Codes that can be scanned or read by handheld, mobile, and fixed devices are made of three primary categories. These are 1D codes, 2D codes, and RFID.   1D Codes 1D Codes are what we commonly refer to as barcodes. They are represented by a series of vertical black…

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1D Barcode Structure The 1D code structure applies to barcodes that you see everywhere, located on products directly or on their tag, label, or packaging. The black and white lines (or stripes) of a barcode contain characters and symbols, depending on the Standard that is being used. The margins of the barcode are called the…

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